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  • Announcement: Baking Codex

    4th Mar 2020 by

    I love to cook and started at school. I wanted to be able to feed myself the awesome food my family cooked me. I already write and bake, so why not combine them. I will over time make a short recipe codex. This is way to increase my happiness in life and for others. Also… Read more

  • Baking Codex Update 2 Cheese Scones

    27th Mar 2020 by

    Good Morning all. Weather is getting a little warmer and everyone is isolating as much as possible. Very typical, Why not have a nice warming cheesy treat to give you that bright sunny feeling? Cheese scones are just great, unless you can not have lactose. I probably eat way too many of these things. But… Read more

  • Baking Codex Update

    5th Mar 2020 by

    Good Morning all. Time for a morning snack with your tea or coffee right? Water and fruit juice is fine as well, whatever gets you going! I have updated my baking codex to now include fruit scones. This is easily one of my favourite things in the world especially with clotted cream and jam. I… Read more

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