Open the Tome

The archive of my mind

Welcome to my blog. I wished for a space to discuss what might be on my mind regarding gaming and its pop culture. On the blog:

  • I wish to discuss topics I am interested in and hopefully develop myself further as a writer. What fun is writing if no one reads it? Though writing for yourself is fine!
  • I want to bring an interesting story or topic I am passionate about to you once a month.

As well as my passion in gaming. I also want a place to document my journey as a fledgling writer. I keep finding many avenues of advice that keep pressing me to improve. So keep your eye out for a post once a month related to that.

Speaking of writing, at this time I have 3 guest posts. Where you ask?

With Yokoi the Kid, over at: . You should go and check the group out if you are into Game Boy. It was my writing for them which inspired me to chase this dream.

In 2 weeks I will be discussing what it was like to curate my game collection and what I realised about my hobby in in the process.

I would say please forgive the cobwebs and dust. However it is an archive so, they can stay if they want. Till next time.


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