Pen Saga I

Other Writers Shall Be Your Armour

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If writers were a knight, the pen would be our sword. Our identity as writers a shield and our journals our steed. Then the armour is the strength and wisdom of other writers.

Starting out as a writer can be daunting. But unlike most professions the knowledge and experience can be had for very little if not for free. Yes, writers understand the solitary nature of the work well. Which is why most will offer advice and guidance to fledglings and experts alike.

A great source of advice as a fledgling writer is your favourite writers. Reading their work will help improve your writing. It may give inspiration for styling and sentence structure. This has been useful for developing a style, but also for experimenting with new ones I have found. Besides the work they publish. Many writers connect with others online. I reccomend reading even just one different article or blog post a day. A different view of anything can provide more than you know.

Writers on social media feeds and their communities are huge resources at your disposal. Allowing you to network and learn more than you could imagine. Motivational twitter posts, reminders on common facts and famous tips. You would be surprised how much reading the words, “Just keep Writing” can change your daily outlook! How when broken down into a daily allowance, something can be finished and quickly. Even will a full-time day job like I have. Never be afraid to reach out to someone either!

What would motivation be without mentioning events like NaNoWriMo or prompts to write stories. Challenges where you write books in given time frames or start a story based off a paragraph or sentence. There are whole communities and forums dedicated to providing that kick up the butt to write creatively. Maybe you hit a wall or fancied improving your skills. NaNoWriMo might have been just the reason you needed to start that novel.

I should mention Podcasts as well. Write Along is a nice one I found thanks to already following a writer I like. Consistent daily goals being the best advice I have heard in years for anything. A page a day keeps the publisher at bay.

Thing is, these different outlets will be often varied in professional background. The advice of a screenwriter is just as important as a novelist or a blogger. I myself have a background in forensics and one of my favourite mentors is not even a writer. If anything, this diversity, it adds layers to your knowledge. Just like the layers in the armour. The breadth of the community’s wisdom will bring all your plates of information together nicely.

How you view writing will greatly affect your motivation to do it. Consider it as a goal in manageable form, take the advice, try routines and practices. Get what works for you and find your drive. But remember to take breaks. The breaks themselves adding the much-needed clarity to a piece. Giving the mind time to process what was done and recharge the flow meter.

That would be my advice. Unplug and go experience the world if you can because you won’t find inspiration in a blank page.


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