Announcement: Baking Codex

Egg and bacon pie. One of my dads favourites.

I love to cook and started at school. I wanted to be able to feed myself the awesome food my family cooked me. I already write and bake, so why not combine them. I will over time make a short recipe codex.

This is way to increase my happiness in life and for others.

Also it is:

  • A chance for me to learn and grow.
  • Maybe I can bring you some joy.
  • Save you some pain.
  • Find you a good recipe.
  • Extract good advice from the idiot that made all the mistakes

Yes I have forgot butter and baking powder..

Other points:

  • I wish for it to be concise and easy to follow.
  • I will expand if I had trouble with the recipe.
  • I will state where I got the recipe and credit where required.

I do not aim for this to be extensive, I will be adding to it as I go along.

I will update through my blog, but it will be a section on my website


Fruit scones rock, get that clotted cream out!

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