Baking Codex Update 3 Cheese Scone Loaf

Happy Easter Everyone!

The world is certainly a little crazy at the moment. As such I have been taking the time to get things done around the house, gardening, spring cleaning etc. I have been baking but mostly just for myself, I do however have a small thing for you.

Remember the cheese scone recipe? Well how about a whole loaf?

Yeah tasty right? Less work too! See below for a small adaptation to my current recipe


Fancy a replacement for your bread or just something to go with a nice soup or stew?

Use the cheese scone recipe above and form one 3 – 4cm thick round and have a super tasty scone loaf. Seriously it was amazing with sausages for lunch and a beef stew for dinner.

The one pictured included;

  • 2 tsp of dry crispy onion
  • 1 tsp mixed herbs
  • A pinch of black pepper.

As always available as a permanent page on my website, at the end of Cheese Scones.

Besides that, what else have I been up too?

Well I have been working on Shortbread still and it is not quite where I want it, so will take a little longer, I think.

But my girl has been making Apple Hot Cross Buns – using wholemeal flour and cinnamon. She also made Mini Egg Cookies. It is Easter after all!

Take care out there everyone and most of all stay inside as much as you can!


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