2 Years of No Cigarettes and I Feel Good

The 6th of July this year was super important to me, marking the 2nd Year I have abstained from cigarettes. That is 18000+ hours of not smoking and over 15000 death sticks not consumed. A proud achievement, though slightly sickening to visualise. Back in 2018 on late evening after work I found myself as IContinue reading “2 Years of No Cigarettes and I Feel Good”

Whanell’s Invisible Man Was Not Just Empty Space

Leigh Whanell’s cast and crew did it! I happen to be a monster movie fan. But not by any means a film/horror expert. The latest movie that wowed me in all the right places was The Invisible Man (2020). Besides that recent 2018 Wolfman, I did not think that we would be getting an awesomeContinue reading “Whanell’s Invisible Man Was Not Just Empty Space”

Baking Codex Update 3 Cheese Scone Loaf

Happy Easter Everyone! The world is certainly a little crazy at the moment. As such I have been taking the time to get things done around the house, gardening, spring cleaning etc. I have been baking but mostly just for myself, I do however have a small thing for you. Remember the cheese scone recipe?Continue reading “Baking Codex Update 3 Cheese Scone Loaf”

Baking Codex Update 2 Cheese Scones

Good Morning all. Weather is getting a little warmer and everyone is isolating as much as possible. Very typical, Why not have a nice warming cheesy treat to give you that bright sunny feeling? Cheese scones are just great, unless you can not have lactose. I probably eat way too many of these things. ButContinue reading “Baking Codex Update 2 Cheese Scones”

Baking Codex Update

Good Morning all. Time for a morning snack with your tea or coffee right? Water and fruit juice is fine as well, whatever gets you going! I have updated my baking codex to now include fruit scones. This is easily one of my favourite things in the world especially with clotted cream and jam. IContinue reading “Baking Codex Update”

Curating My Game Collection Was Cathartic, But Liberating

Gaming has seen a resurgence of collecting in the past two decades. Recently I have been having internal battles over it. No longer did staring at boxes and rows of games yield any joy for me. The drive to collect was dwindling. Joy was still found in playing and expanding my knowledge on the subject.Continue reading “Curating My Game Collection Was Cathartic, But Liberating”