2 Years of No Cigarettes and I Feel Good

The 6th of July this year was super important to me, marking the 2nd Year I have abstained from cigarettes. That is 18000+ hours of not smoking and over 15000 death sticks not consumed. A proud achievement, though slightly sickening to visualise. Back in 2018 on late evening after work I found myself as IContinue reading “2 Years of No Cigarettes and I Feel Good”

Whanell’s Invisible Man Was Not Just Empty Space

Leigh Whanell’s cast and crew did it! I happen to be a monster movie fan. But not by any means a film/horror expert. The latest movie that wowed me in all the right places was The Invisible Man (2020). Besides that recent 2018 Wolfman, I did not think that we would be getting an awesomeContinue reading “Whanell’s Invisible Man Was Not Just Empty Space”

Baking Codex Update 3 Cheese Scone Loaf

Happy Easter Everyone! The world is certainly a little crazy at the moment. As such I have been taking the time to get things done around the house, gardening, spring cleaning etc. I have been baking but mostly just for myself, I do however have a small thing for you. Remember the cheese scone recipe?Continue reading “Baking Codex Update 3 Cheese Scone Loaf”